Dear Athletes,

After much consideration, it is with great disappointment that we announce that the 18 April 2021 race at Germiston has been cancelled.

We are working with local government and relevant stakeholders, and will update you on new race dates as soon as it’s been finalised.

Our events are aimed at the participation of bigger numbers by individuals and families alike, and current regulations (allowing for a maximum of 250 people) don’t allow us to host the quality type of events we pride ourselves in.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and please stay safe and well.

- Trinity Sports Team

CGT Duathlon Championships@ Germiston – 18 April 2021

Trinity Sports triathlon and duathlon races offer athletes of all ages a chance to race. Young Juniors (8-11 years), Juniors(12-19), Seniors (20+) and Teams are welcome and we encourage all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.

Type: Triathlon & Duathlon Races (All Skill Levels)
Venue: Ekurhuleni Municipal Park, Germiston Lake

Online normal entries closing:
Online late entries closing: Closed
In-store late entries: Closed

Race Types

Individual entry – 1 athlete completes all disciplines

Team entry – 2 or 3 athletes race as a relay team

Race Age

The race an athlete may enter is automatically determined by their age on 31 December 2021.

Races and Pricing
Race category Ages Distances Individual price Team price
Super standard triathlon 18+ 1.5km swim/60km bike/15km run R995* R1495*
Standard triathlon 18+ 1.5km swim/40km bike/10km run R730* R1 095*
Sprint triathlon (including para athletes) 20+ 0.75km swim/20km bike/5km run R480** R720**
Juniors triathlon 16-19 0.75km swim/20km bike/5km run R320** R480**
Juniors triathlon 12-15 0.4km swim/10km bike/2.5km run R210** R315**
Youth triathlon 8-11 0.12km swim/4km bike/0.5km run FREE*** N/A
Super standard duathlon 18+ 10km run/60km bike/10km run R730* R1 095*
Standard duathlon 18+ 10km/40km bike/5km run R520* R780**
Sprint duathlon (including para athletes) 20+ 5km/20km bike/2.5km run R370** R555**
Juniors duathlon 16-19 5km/20km bike/2.5km run R300** R450**
Juniors duathlon 12-15 2.5km run/10km bike/1.25km run R190** R285**
Youth duathlon 8-11 0.5km run/4km bike/0.5km run FREE*** N/A

* Excluding TSA day licence of R120 (if applicable)

** Excluding TSA day licence of R35 (if applicable)

*** 8-11 year old races are free but athletes must be entered online (no late entry or race day entry allowed)

Time Trial Bicycles and Drafting:

  • Super Standard & Standard Distance Races: Time trial bike legal, Drafting illegal
  • All Other Races: Time trial bike illegal, Drafting legal


The race referee will make a ruling on the use of wetsuits on race morning. No decision will be made prior to race morning. The referee makes use of a formula taking water temperature and ambient air temperature into account.

The ITU (International Triathlon Union) rules state the following regarding the use of wetsuits:

Applicable race (age) Forbidden Mandatory
Youth (8-11) 20˚C and above 15.9 ˚C and below
Juniors (12-18) 20˚C and above 15.9 ˚C and below
Seniors (19+) 22˚C and above 15.9 ˚C and below

Triathlon & Duathlon Race Pack Collection:


Trinity Run & Trinity AmanziRace Pack Collection:


Late Entries: Late entries are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of Trinity Sports. Late entry fees are payable incash only.

Race Briefing

It is compulsory for all athletes to attend race briefing (see Race Schedule for times)

Race Information

Please ensure you download all relevant race information.

  • Course Routes
  • Cut-off Times
  • Athlete Race Day Parking
  • Race Entry List
  • Race Schedule
  • Athlete Guide

It is the responsibility of each athlete to familiarise himself/herself with race information and rules provided by Trinity Sports.

By entering a race, you confirm that you have read all event information provided, and abide by the terms & conditions.

Please email us if you have any questions, comments or if you’d like to volunteer at a race, or sponsor a race. We will endeavour to respond to you within 24 hours.